X Plan

X Plan Pricing

X Plan Pricing is available for Ford Motor Company Suppliers and Fleet Customers. Many major Companies have negotiated special pricing for their employees in order that they can purchase Ford vehicles. For a list of companies to see if you are eligible for the x-plan you can check here.

X Plan Pricing Eligibility

There are specific guidelines to follow in order to get the Ford Partner pricing through Ford Motor Company’s x-plan. Most individuals can check with their HR Department to get the necessary information needed to purchase a vehicle through the Ford Partners x plan program. You will need an x plan pricing pin number to prove eligibility.

Through the partner program participants are eligible to lease or purchase four vehicles per year. Vehicles must be titled in the participants name and cannot be titled in company names.

Additional Incentive Are Available With X Plan Pricing

X Plan participants are eligible for additional rebates and incentives. At the time of purchase the dealer will check for the incentives.

Excluded Vehicle From X Plan Pricing

There are vehicles that are excluded from the program. The F-450 and F-750, Mustang GT 500 and the Raptor SVT.

Vehicle eligibility for the x plan can change from time to time.

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